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"Outo suomalainen mies haluaa asua Ruotsissa."

Translation:The strange Finnish man wants to live in Sweden.

June 24, 2020



I'm not gonna lie, this made me chuckle more than just a bit, lol

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Really weird Finnish man.


I assume this is a literary reference...?


No, it's just a joke. Finns "don't like" Swedes, because of the history between both country.


I don't think so (especially since literally 100,000s of Finnish people have emigrated to Sweden over the years).

I think it refers to Vadelmavenepakolainen by Miika Nousiainen, a (play and) book where a Finnish man is obsessed by living in Sweden and becoming as Swedish as possible, even going to great (and criminal) lengths to do so. He's not strange because he wants to live in Sweden. It's the level of his obsession that is strange about him.


OH ok, it is maybe a literary reference this time. But there's stille kinda a rivality between Finland and Sweden and the Finns are saying like: "Sweden is shit" and stuff like that. (eg. this two memes : https://www.instagram.com/p/BrAStRaBbyO/ and https://www.instagram.com/p/B1Omi6fhZB8/ ). And thanks for the literary reference, I am gonna check it some day!


Haha! Don't tell me Finnish dogs happily hang out in saunas???

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It depends. I once had a dog (French dog, briard) that liked to sit in the sauna with other people.

And - this is true - in the past, horses were also washed in the sauna after people. (It wasn’t very common, but it makes a lot of sense because horses sweat (and cleanse) the same way people do.)
After the sauna to swim.

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Sweden is our dear enemy. We don’t hate them, but we still bark. Maybe because they’re a little better at ALMOST everything. But we love Norwegians because they also always bark at the Swedes. And they, too, have long been under foreign rule. First Denmark, then Sweden. And even the Nazis occupied Norway in World War II.

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It must also be remembered that almost 10% of Finns moved to Sweden at the turn of the 1960's and 1970's.


I am so ashamed of Sweden (olen ruotsalainen) still acting like the Big Brother even though Finland and Norway managed corona so, so much better. But Sweden just cannot realize we could learn from Finland and Norway. Anteeksi. Haluan asua Suomessa.


another subtle pun, well done


Enlighten me. Where's the pun?


Hallonbåtsflyktingen swedish film from 2014 from the Finnish book and play mentioned above available with English subtitles


Haluan asua Ruotsissa


I love to hear the Finnish pride of country. These days, in the USA, people are frowned upon for being proud, and not global enough.

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