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  5. "Minä seuraan poroa."

"Minä seuraan poroa."

Translation:I am following the reindeer.

June 24, 2020



Gramatically -the reindeer- is the accusative part in this sentence. So I would expect poro or poron as both forms are used (Wiktionary). I would expect -poroa- to mean -a reindeer- in this sentence. The English sentence would also allow reindeer to be plural, so porrot for a specific herd or poroja for just a bunch of them. Can a Finn provide clarification?


Hmm, the partitive is the only possible case the word "poro" can be in in this sentence. The act of following is ongoing. "Minä seuraan poro" and "minä seuraan poron" do not mean anything, and the same goes for the plural ("porot" and "porojen" are not possible while the partitive "poroja" is good). The "poroa" in "minä seuraan poroa" can be translated as either "the reindeer" or "a reindeer".


Thank you pieni_chilipalko for fully clarifying my query. The ongoing character of the verb necessitating the partitive is particularly helpful!


For several lessons now we have been learning that when the English preposition is "the," it means that it is the focus of the sentence, and as such should come first in the sentence's word order. So, I would expect "I'm following THE reindeer" to be something like "Porot minä seuraan." And, this sentence would be more like "I'm following a reindeer," the focus being more about me following something rather than a specific reindeer. What am I misunderstanding?


Hopefully a Finnish native speaker will answer you, but I think this sentence could also mean "I am following a reindeer."


Hi Jeff Check the comment of pieni-chilipalko above.


"I will follow the reindeer" is also fine. Reported.


Is there a difference between a deer and a reindeer? Can't "poro" ne translated as "a deer"?


Yes, there is a difference. :) A "deer" is "peura" in Finnish.


Really? I thought that "peura" was the wild reindeer while "poro" was the semi-domesticated version (both Rangifer tarandus), at least that's what internet had told me...

I suppose the most common species of deer in Finland would be roe deer (Capreolus capreolus): is it not called "metsäkauris"?


I wish Duo would tell us when we make a typo. Not count us wrong, but just mention the typo.

It's inconsistent. Sometimes it does point it out, sometimes no. Now I have to open the SD's just to check if I got the spelling correct. I typed in "mina" on purpose to check, and Duo happily accepted it without warning me to watch the accents.


...maybe I'll find Santas Workshop ;-)


I am curious as to why mina is here. We have been told throughout this course that first and second person aren't needed in present tense as the conjugation of the verb allows us to imply the pronoun, so why is it explicitly stated here


So only poro means reindeer ? Kiitos

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