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  5. "What is the pearl like?"

"What is the pearl like?"

Translation:Millainen helmi se on?

June 24, 2020



Seems like "Millainen helmi se on" should be translated as "What kind of pearl is it".


Doesn't this mean "what kind of pearl is it?"? I typed "Millainen helmi on?" and it got marked as incorrect.


"millainen helmi on?" to me seems like asking about the properties of pearls in general. Kind of like asking "what is a pearl like/what are pearls like?". I'm not a native though.


I guess the "se" is necessary, clarifying that we're talking about one specific pearl.


I think in that case the order would be different - but I could be wrong, I've only learnt Finnish by heart.

But by gut feeling, if I were to clarify that we're talking about one specific pearl, then I would like to say "Millainen se helmi on?" or "Millainen tuo helmi on?".

If someone is a pro at this or know the theory behind it, please correct me if I'm wrong!

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