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  5. "Tyttö on saamelainen."

"Tyttö on saamelainen."

Translation:The girl is a Sámi.

June 24, 2020



What does this mean?


The Sámi people live mainly in the northern parts of Finland, Sweden, and Norway, as well as in the most northwestern parts of Russia. There are five Sámi languages and they belong to the Finno-Ugric language family just like Finnish. :)


I tried to report this as 'my answer should be accepted' but there is no such option for this sentence. Is 'saami' not an acceptable spelling in English and/or Finnish?


"Sámi" is the preferred spelling in English, but "sami" and "saami" are also used and should thus be allowed.

"Saamelainen" (saamelais-) in Finnish is used both as a noun denoting people and an adjective. The languages are called "saame", e.g. "pohjoissaame", "kolttasaame" etc.


I guess the 'saamen kieli' (Sámi language; though there are several) could be Saami or Sami, but in Finnish that would just be 'saame'. (And Sami without an accent is a Finnish Male name.)


I don't know what you have tried, but in Finnish the area is called "saame". In English you could say "sami" or "saami" (based on Wikipedia)


I do not have the accent on my keyboard


On mobile you should be able to find "á" (and "ä") if you press "a" slightly longer than usual.


That also works on some newer Macbooks like the one I'm currently using.


Is Sapmi or Saami acceptable, or does it have to bear the accent?


Holy shit someone mentioned us!


It should be accepted as "girl is a sámi" as well, because in Finnish the article "the" does not play a role, it is a much more contextual language and therefore it is absolutely redundant in a learning environment to consider this a mistake.


Hi. Does anyone have any trick how to type 'sámi' on Android? English, French, Finnish and German keyboards only give the option à but not á. I have send me an email to get that character.


Could that be android version dependant? I tried with my normal keyboards (Finnish and English (UK)), and and random other (English (Canada) and it works.

Pressing 'a' long time should give you options to type letters áâãāäåæà.

I have Android 9.


Hello Vesa.

Thank you for the info. After your post I investigated further and found, that with SwiftKey-Keyboard some extended characters are hidden by a setting.

For anyone having similar problem go to SwiftKey Settings

-> Layout & Keys

-> Accented characters

and enable it.



No problem. You did the hard work for finding the solution. :)

I wonder if this could/should be added to some general forum page, so that more people will find it if necessary and then all sentence related questions could link to that. There are several languages with non ASCII characters.

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