"An spàin mhòr seo."

Translation:This big spoon.

June 24, 2020

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This is a very poor recording! It sounds like "bann mhòr seo" - nothing like "An spàin". The beginning of the clip is chopped off.


I couldn't agree more! Most misleading


Why isn't it, "this is the big spoon'? I know we're missing "tha", but in't "an spain" translated as "the spoon"?


That would be Tha seo an spàin mhòr.. Yes an spàin translates as The spoon and seo an spàin mhòr translates This is the big spoon so im guessing its where 'seo' is placed that gives the correct meaning.. Just a learner too so I wholeheartly invite other opinions if I am wrong :)


Scottish Gaelic demonstrative pronouns work like showing possession with forms of aig.

an taigh agam = my house

an cù aice = her dog

an taigh seo = this house

an taigh sin = that house

See also, Scottish Gaelic in 12 Weeks, Lesson 3, Section 22 on Demonstratives.


The hints give this is for seo, so why were we marked wrong for This is the big spoon ?


She's trying to confuse us. Last time we couldnt hear Tha and were marked wrong. Couldn't hear it this time. Put it in and was wrong.


Thats is because 'Tha' is not part of the sentence :) I think I have written a more indepth a swer above but just to clarify i too am a learner and by no way an expert :))


I couldn't hear the last one - third in a row that I couldn't hear, and I am clearly not alone in this. At someone's suggestion I pressed can't listen now, but I find right back to the beginning of the long test. I feel like giving up.


Please dont give up :) I know how frustrating it can be but its well worth the effort when things start fallimg into place :) if you are struggling hearing the audio then flag it but honestly it usually is the untrained ears fault and not the speaker.. as you can see i commented on the same thing 6 months ago and now i hear it so clearly the problem was obviously with me.. click the blue highlighted words above at top of discussion and find what one you are having trouble with and listen to it while reading the words it really does help.. and try headphones earbuds etc to pick up subtle changes.. please give it a chance you wont regret it.

Also one of my comments above answers why its not accepting 'this is the big spoon' its the placement of 'seo' in the sentence..hope it helps :)

I thought id add this link you will find the sentence you are struggling to hear in it, As i mentioned I listened a LOT lol now its perfectly clear but if you still think the recording is faulty then report it during the sentence :)



Before I saw what it really said, I was hearing "is ban mhòr seo" :(


Its not an over pronounced 'An' n a weak sounding 'n' runnung straight into spàin so it sounds more like nspan so I see why you thought you heard s-ban.. ive added a link for you to go into that sentence if you listen a good few times it wont keep tripping you up on further lessons :)



AN awful recording, can't make out what she is saying, sound like the recording has been clipped at the start.


YET AGAIN this person cannot be heard. It is becoming very demoralising to come across this person on here and every time he/she cannot be heard. im sure they have a lovely voice so please let us hear it! Lost count of the number of times a recording of theirs is on Duo and reported for the same reason. Please fix them. Thanks

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