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  5. "He is an honest man."

"He is an honest man."

Translation:Hän on rehellinen mies.

June 24, 2020



Is "Hän on rehellinen ihminen" an acceptable alternative? We just learned that "ihminen" means "man..."


No, ihminen means "human being" or "person". The word for "man" is mies. I think you are thinking of Latin or English here, not Finnish. You cannot use ihminen and mies as synonyms, so we keep them separate, although the English language disagrees. :)


No, but if the sentence were "he is an honest person" that would work. "Man" in Finnish is "mies", while "ihminen" is "human being".

If you'd translate "person" directly that'd actually be "henkilö", but that word isn't used in all the contexts the word "person" is used, it's instead rather official. So if you wanted to say that someone is a kind/cool/wonderful/etc. person, you'd use "ihminen". In spoken Finnish people also often use the word "tyyppi", e.g. "kiva tyyppi".


No, ihminen means "person" not MAN,,, as the question is asking to translate it to man and not person'

But generally it is possible,, so you are right too


I thought hän was optional here. Is it not?


As noted in Tips and Notes, third-person pronouns (s/he: hän, they: he) are often not omitable.

In Standard Finnish, the words minä, "I", and sinä, the singular "you", are optional when they are in the subject position. Hän, however, needs to be included.

  • Minä olen ujo./Olen ujo.
  • I am shy.
  • Sinä olet rehellinen./Olet rehellinen.
  • You are honest.
  • Hän on hiljainen.
  • S/he is quiet.

Although common in writing, leaving out personal pronouns is rarer in spoken Finnish.


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