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can someone help me?

learning spanish, in french but I seem to have tests all the time, no where i can find any lessons and explanations on the topics, i have to go online and search to get explanations about grammar or verbs . ? is it something to do with settings? or is it because i am on the free version?

June 24, 2020

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It has nothing to do with your settings or with the fact that you're using the free version. It is simply how Duolingo works.

Vocabulary is introduced with image recognition exercises, which ask you to pick the image that matches the word you're learning, and with assisted recognition exercises, which ask you to translate a sentence from your target language into your base language. You can hover over or tap on words you don't know to see a translation; new words are highlighted.

Grammar is 'taught' predominantly through implicit instruction: by exposing you to a lot of sentences, which you are tasked to translate, you'll start picking up on certain patterns, even though you may not be consciously aware of it.

A lot of courses, mostly the ones that have English as a base language, also offer some explicit instruction in the form of 'Tips' or 'Tips & Notes', which you can find by tapping on a skill and then choosing 'Tips'. It appears the Spanish from French course only has a couple of Tips & Notes. If you're confident in your English skills and feel like you would benefit more from explicit instruction, you could try switching to the Spanish from English course, which has a lot of very good 'Tips'.

Edit: I just noticed this was posted in the French Troubleshooting forum. Sorry, French mods, for conversing in English. ;)

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