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"Leur relation était bonne, mais plus maintenant."

Translation:Their relationship was good, but not anymore.

June 24, 2020



I don't see any negative. I tried "Their relationship was good but more so now.". Apparently wrong, but I don't know why.


Apparently in French 'PLUS MAINTENANT' = not anymore. 'MAINTENANT PLUS' = now more (as in now more than ever). Idioms


It's an idiomatic use of 'plus' which just has to be learnt, I'm afraid. You see it in shops to indicate they're out of stock of something. It puzzled me to see it on an empty shelf, until the penny dropped.


You can tell immediately that this is negative by the way the robo-voice vocalizes this. If it were positive, as in "more so", you would hear the s in plus. Here you don't hear it.

Also, you don't have ne because this doesn't have a verb, and ne goes in front of the verb. It is an abbreviated version of "mais maintenant elles n'étaient plus"


If that is the case, then "more so" should be accepted by Duo as an translation of what is written, since not everyone listens to the robo-voice.


Totally agree and I think Duo's translation is wrong as there is no negative


la réponse en haut de cette page est correcte


That makes no sense. Pas maintenant would make sense...


"pas maintenant" would be "not now" the "ne" is omitted in either case. "ne pas" means "not" and "ne plus" means "no longer" which has the same sense as "not anymore."


Why is 'no longer' accepted?


It seems a 'hit or miss' whether "used to be" or "was" is accepted as the correct translation. I don't see any clue in the context to know which one to use.


What's wrong with "used to be good" it's the imparfait?


I hate that I'm penalized for missing accents since there are no accents on my phone keypad


I tried "no more" but not accepted. I use no more and not anymore interchangeably. If a sign on an empty shelf reads "plus maintenant," I think "no more" is a great translation.


Why is 'no longer' accepted?


Because it means "not anymore Maggie.

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