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  5. "Onko kaupunki pieni?"

"Onko kaupunki pieni?"

Translation:Is the city small?

June 24, 2020



So is the '-ko' here a question marker?


Yes it is! Here's all of them: •Olen = I am -Olenko? = am I? •Olet = you are -Oletko? = are you? •On/Se on/On se = it is/is -Onko/Onko se...? = is it? (Also: Se on? = is it?/it is?) •Hän on = he/she is -Onko hän? = is he/she?


Heyy, what would "Is it a small city?" be ? Just curious :)


Onko se pieni kaupunki?


It's the verb on and an added interrogative suffix -ko, which turns it into a question word.

The interrogative suffix -ko/-kö can be added to most words and use them to form questions. The new word is placed in the beginning of the sentence.

Kaupunki on pieni (The city is small)

Onko kaupunki pieni? (Is the city small?)

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