"Le gouvernement se réunit une fois par semaine."

Translation:The government assembles once a week.

June 24, 2020

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Does "gouvernement" mean something subtly different from "government"? The government works all the time and can't have meetings with itself, but the individual parts of government (Congress, Senate, FDA, Social Security Administration, etc.) can have meetings with each other. "The government meets once a week" sounds odd.

I know this isn't a forum for quibbling about English, but I do want to know if the French "gouvernement" means something different.

Anyone know?


The idea of the French sentence is that "le gouvernement" means "les membres du gouvernement" i.e. the Prime minister and the other ministers.


I'm not clear why "The government meets one time per week" isn't accepted.


The sentence you wrote is technically correct but tbh in English no one really uses it. In place of "one time" we usually use "once"


"comes together" not accepted.


The rest of the time they are busy with consultancy work!

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