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  5. "It is over now. Are you OK?"

"It is over now. Are you OK?"

Translation:Se on nyt ohi. Oletko kunnossa?

June 24, 2020



Can't I say:"oletko sinä kunnossa?"


You definitely can.


It should be accepted, but the system appears to not have integrated it yet into the course. :)


"se on ohi nyt. Oletko kunnossa" should be correct


To be clear, both nyt ohi/ohi nyt should be correct.


Plus, se on ohi nyt is accepted in other examples.


It's accepted and has been for quite some time now. :)


Se on nyt ohi. Olen surullinen...


Don't DL say that in Finnish the dummy subjects are not necessary?, why "SE on..." was a must here? I was red carded


"It" is not a dummy subject here. It refers to whatever was transpiring that ended, for example, a play, a movie, a sporting event. A specific thing.


why is "oletko hyvin" marked as incorrect?


There's no particular reason for it; it just doesn't work that way. You can't combine olla and hyvin when you're worried about someone's wellbeing. You have to use kunnossa (the essive form of kunto, "condition/fitness").

  • Oletko kunnossa? Are you OK?
  • Onko kaikki kunnossa? Is everything OK?

If you wanted to ask more generally how someone doing (rather than worrying about someone's condition like in the sentences above), it's possible to use hyvin with the verb voida. That verb would be the Finnish equivalent of the Swedish att må in this context, except that it is far more formal in Finnish than in Swedish.

  • Kuinka voit? How are you?
  • Oikein hyvin, kiitos. Quite well, thank you.

A less formal way to do the same and use hyvin is to use the verb mennä.

  • Miten menee? How's it going?
  • Ihan hyvin, kiitos. Pretty well, thanks.


Are there only 2 units in the Finnish course?


Originally there were 5, that got combined into 2.

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