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"Hun namen zijn Saskia en Roos."

Translation:Their names are Saskia and Roos.

August 4, 2014



We should try a sentence like "Zij zijn zijn meisjes en hun namen zijn Saskia en Roos". ;-)


That would be "They are his girls...". I just find it amusing that the words for they, she, his, and are, are so similar.


Yeah, really. It's kind of confusing me. Thanks for the explanation.


It's the same for German!


A little bit different, because "sein" is "to be," but the conjugation for "they are" is "sind" and not "sein."

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False friend alert for all of you who are also doing the Norwegian course: 'hun' means 'she' in Norwegian.


I don't like translation of names in real life so i never change Roos to Rose or Willem to William I don't need someone's name to fit my comfort level...besides Willem Defoe is doing alright with his name ;)


Why not accept rose, just roos? Becuse the other tasks are accept, and duolingo dictionary use it. I don't understand.


I don't think proper names should be translated. So if John goes to Spain should he be called Juan?


I agree, in the real world, translating proper names should left be up to the individual. Just to explain, based on how Duolingo works, people expect things like this to be accepted in the course. If we were to remove these alternatives, we'd get hundreds of reports in sentences with these names. We always accept "Willem" and "Roos", etc. in the English translations and include those in the best translation.


Next time you see it, use the "Report a Problem" button to suggest it to the admins.


So is Roos a male name? Does it have an English equivelent like Willem does? 'Ross' perhaps?


Roos is a female name. Generally, names based on flowers are for females. 'Rose' is the English equivalent and a direct translation :)


Thanks, friend :).


I don't get is . Is considered a mistake because i didn't write the name with capital letter ? It wasn't a mistake until now

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The correction algorithm is not case-sensitive. You must have had an error somewhere that you missed. It would be helpful if you could copy and paste the full text of your answer so we can see what's going on.

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