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"Je n'y arriverai jamais sans votre soutien."

Translation:I will never be able to do it without your support.

June 24, 2020



What about " I'll never manage to do it without your support"?


Duo also accepts je n'y arriverais jamais sans votre soutien for a type what you hear exercise.


Should also be acceptable:

"I will never make it without your support"

"I will never succeed without your support"

" I will never get there without your support"

[Reported 24jun2020]


Hi IV,
Your suggested options are very helpful. Thankyou.


Also: "I will never do it without your support"


I will never get there without your support. <-- was just accepted for me.


I don't see anything related to pouvoir so where does 'be able' come from?


Arriver à is often used to express the idea of managing to do something. I'm not a native speaker but I think it's used more for situations where there's an end that you're trying to reach and may or may not succeed at, where pouvoir would be more of a static ability.


captaingerbonza, enjoy a few lingots! Merci beaucoup for your explanation of "arriver à" — this is one verb combination I see tossed around on Duo which has been without a "Note" or explanation. From your comment, is it correct then to say that "arriver à" implies "dynamic intent" (e.g., MANAGING to achieve something) whereas "pouvoir" is static (e.g., CAN do something)?


I will never be able to without your support. Does that also work?


I suppose that could work if you were already talking about the thing you won't be able to do. But for translation purposes, I believethe "y" represents the thing, so you should include it. But I'm just une étudiante.


'y' replaces "à + noun" and 'en' replaces "de + noun"


Could you say 'i won't succeed without your support '?


Why is "never" required. What's wrong with "I won't be able to do it without your support"?


Because "jamais" means "never" and it's used in the French sentence. What you wrote is a valid sentence but not what we're being asked to translate.

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