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  5. "vihreä ja punainen omena"

"vihreä ja punainen omena"

Translation:a green and a red apple

June 24, 2020



Does it imply two apples (one green and one red)? A green and red apple is not accepted.


Yeah, a singular green and red apple would be "punavihreä omena"


If it is indeed not one but two apples in this sentence, why omena and not omenaT? Any comments?


It's just omitting the repetition that'd exist in "vihreä omena ja punainen omena". :) If it were more than two apples (one red and one green) it would be "vihreät ja punaiset omenat" (green apples + red apples). If the same apple or apples were both green and red, it would, as stated before, become "punavihreä omena" and "punavihreät omenat".


"a green and red apple" was accepted May 10, 2021. But that would be a single apple. So I reported it.


If earlier on a translation like "green, yellow and red tomato" was accepted, here "green and red apple" should be acceptable.


Please accept "Green and red apple"

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