"De schildpadden slapen hier en de muizen slapen daar."

Translation:The turtles sleep here and the mice sleep there.

August 4, 2014

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Sounds like a party!


Is it possible to replace "daar" with "er?" If not, why?


You can't replace daar with er in this sentence. Er is used when there refers to something said earlier. For instance: Zie ik je morgen bij mij thuis? (Will I see you tomorrow at my place?). Ok, maar hoe kom je daar/er (Ok, but how do you get there?).


OK, something said earlier, or as the general relative pronoun as in "There are," "Zijn er meisjes of jongens?", as we see in an exercise....


Ah, I complete forgot that it had to be used to refer to something said earlier. Thanks!


Very late reply, but others might be interested.

No, you cannot replace either 'hier' or 'daar' with 'er' in this sentence. Because a comparison is made ("here" vs "there), there is a natural emphasis on these words, hence 'er' (the unstressed form) cannot be used. :)

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