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  5. "Who has the thermos?"

"Who has the thermos?"

Translation:Kenellä on termari?

June 24, 2020



Termari is not a proper word... The word is termos or termospullo (-bottle).


What do you mean with "proper"? It's the colloquial word that is used by people in interpersonal communication every day.


Finnish speakers do love colloquialisms and abbreviations (some of which are not actually even short...). I can get out of my makkari, put on my tennarit and take the ratikka to eskari, but those aren't actually the words for those things. I think it's relevant to tell people when something isn't a word they'd find in a dictionary -- especially when the actual real word is pretty easy and similar.


Why "Kenellä on termari" is not accepted as a correct answer?

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