"Cuisinière, c'est le métier dont je rêve."

Translation:Cook, that's the occupation that I dream of.

June 24, 2020

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This translation is not natural English.


Is this yet another regional difference? "Cook", to my mind is not an "occupation". It's either a verb or a job title. "Cooking", however, might well be an "occupation".


This would never be written in English.


Dont really understand why you use "dont" and not "que"...


I've struggled with this too, and still do, but a good way of thinking about it is that you use "dont" when the following verb normally takes "de" after it (usually "of" in English).

"Je rêve d'être ce métier" —> "C'est le métier dont je rêve."

You're dreaming of it, so you use "dont". However if a verb doesn't take "de", like "cuisinier," you would use "que."

"Il cuisine ce plat." —> "C'est le plat qu'il cuisine."

In that case, he's making the dish, but he isn't making of the dish. I hope this helps!


thank you! i found this really helpful. hopefully i will remember it :)


Happy to help! I still forget and mess up all the time, but I've been told practice helps!


Merci, c'est beaucoup plus claire maintenant


I read somewhere: QUE follows transitive verbs. DONT follows intransitive verbs Now if I could just keep those verbs straight!


I wrote "...I dream about" and it was rejected. Does not seem right.


You should report it. Eventually that will be added as a translation. For now, it only accepts "dream of".


I will report it the next time it comes up. Thanks!


why a cook is a woman, Duo?


While there are far more women in retail and educational cooking (in the UK), men dominate the role in restaurants by about 70% to 30% according to Joe Lutrario ((https://www.bighospitality.co.uk/Article/2010/02/24/Survey-finds-imbalance-between-male-and-female-chefs ).

Duo had to choose a man or a woman, and chose to show us how to form the word for a woman who is a cook.


I realize this is probably an unrealizable idea from Duolingo's point of view, but it would be awfully nice to have the appropriate word forms spoken by the appropriate voices. It isn't helpful for a man to practice referring to himself as a "cuisinière", or a woman as a "cusinier", in a language that makes such distinctions. (I'm doing Spanish as well, and I see the same issue there.)


Cooking is the occupation I dream of. Or. To be a cook is the occupation I dream of


Is "métier" not also translatable as "career" ?


What is wrong with career for metier


I don't know, but after several attempts at alternatives to their preferred sentence, I eventually found that 'job' was accepted


"Cook, that's my dream job" was accepted, although personally I think I would say "To be a cook, that's my dream job".


What awful English grammer


Well ... I put "Cook that's the career of which I dream", which I knew Duo would reject, but I wanted to see what it suggested!


Cook is not an occupation in english. Cooking or becoming a chef

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