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  5. "You are handsome."

"You are handsome."

Translation:Sinä olet komea.

June 24, 2020



So what is the difference to kaunis (beautiful)? Only used for men like in English?


I wouldn't say only, I'd say mainly. Women can sometimes be called "komea" as well, when they're magnificent, robust and gorgeous, but not traditionally feminine and petite. And objects as well, as was pointed out.


Yeah, though komea can also be used for things like buildings, statues, paintings etc. and then it has mostly the same meaning as "magnificent"


Yeah and also men and things can be called "kaunis" when they seem petite, soft, curvy.

Like happily smiling men at the light of setting sun, father who is looking lovingly after their family etc.

It's more private thing and less common.


In the exercise we have the correct form: Sinä olet komea. But among the words to choose there is also "kaunis". By the exercise you can't tell if the subject is feminine or masculine...so also "kaunis" have to be correct, right? Why are there 2 correct options? I don't understand...


The "kaunis" has better translation as "beautiful".

The "komea" is more like "handsome".


I'm Flattered by this Sentence.

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