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  5. "You often sing together."

"You often sing together."

Translation:Te laulatte usein yhdessä.

June 24, 2020



Would "Te usein laulatte yhdessä" also be correct, or do the verbs always go after pronouns?


You would be understood. In normal conversations some people do it that way too and no body notice it.


It's completely normal word order too. In Finnish the word order is fairly free.

You can say

Te laulatte usein yhdessä. Te usein laulatte yhdessä. Usein te laulatte yhdessä. Te laulatte yhdessä usein.

The third one emphasises "usein" and sounds a bit poetic to my ears, but it's still completely fine to use (although possibly not on Duolingo, ha).

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