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  5. "Kiitos, Pyry."

"Kiitos, Pyry."

Translation:Thank you, Pyry.

June 24, 2020



I'm having a little trouble pronouncing Pyry


I see that you are doing Scandinavian languages. The Y in Finnish is pretty similar to those found in them. Start with the long I found in kiitos (or the English word "sea"). Then pout like a proud puffer fish. Do the same again, but keep the sound short. If you're a perfectionist, Y is pronounced just a tad closer to the teeth than I. :)


Zzzzz... is right. To pronounce an "y", it is better to begin with "ea" in sea (the Finnish "ii), than with "oo" in moon (Finnish "uu"). And thank you for your tremendous work with this Duolingo course! Your advice in Tips how to reflect English articles with the word order in Finnish was also fine. Kiitos paljon suurenmoisesta työstä!


The Finnish Y is the same as Danish Y. In Norwegian and Swedish it's more similar to the sound made by the letter U


The Swedish U is [ʉː], a sound that doesn’t exist in Finnish. Sweden Swedish has the same Y, but only as the long version, [yː], as in syl, so you have to know how make it shorter, if you use it as a starting point for the Finnish Y. :)


Is the Y in finnish pronounced as I? because pyry sound hard to say as pyry,


Finnish y is pronounced like French u.


And like German ü.


It's somewhat similar to I but pronounced with a pout. It sounds a bit like the English "eww", except that it's pronounced very close to the teeth. :)


Why can't this be "Please, Pyry"? As in "Please, Pyry ... I wish you'd change your name to Anna because it's easier to pronounce." ;)


I think 'kiitos' only translates to 'please' when it is used to express gratitude or confirming a proposal from somebody else (like 'yes, please'), not so much as an actual plea.


I thought "kiitos" could also mean "you're welcome," but "you're welcome, Pyry" was marked wrong.


That's ole hyvä.


"Please, Pyry." Miksi ei?


Do you all speek finish?


Is the finnish "y" a schwa? The upside down e in the IPA?


There's no schwa in Finnish. The Finnish Y is the same as the [y] in IPA.


I thought an o coudn't happen if there was a i y e ö or ä before it, is it wrong or is kiitos an exception?

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