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  5. "Pyry on lapsi."

"Pyry on lapsi."

Translation:Pyry is a child.

June 25, 2020



can I also say "lapsi" for the word kid?


Some sentences, like this one, have no sound. Is there some particular reason for that? I know that TTS mispronounces some words but I think it is not the case here. I would have reported the problem using the flag but unfortunately there is no option The audio is missing.


Can this also mean "Pyry is the child"?


That would be Lapsi on Pyry. Word order is very important in sentences with this verb. The more important something is, the earlier it appears. In spoken language, you can also add the determiner se (meaning "it") in the beginning: Se lapsi on Pyry. :)


We would say "Pyry on se lapsi" to convey the meaning of "Pyry is the child."


The name gets me everytime! I swear, even with hearing aids, it sounds like a T and R (tyry)


I keep losing hearts because my autocorrect changes Pyry into Toby and Liisa into Lisa! Argh! Not fair.

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