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  5. "Onko viikinki kissa?"

"Onko viikinki kissa?"

Translation:Is the Viking a cat?

June 25, 2020


[deactivated user]

    What kind of question is this???


    A tricky one. Questions like this one that don't seem to make sense practice your command of the language, especially your knowledge of the language structure.


    I have some trouble with word order here. So, if the sentence was "Onko kissa viikinki? " should we translate "Is the cat a Viking? Thanks to anyone who can explain this.


    The way I make sense of this question is that there is someone who doesn't know what a Viking is. Then they ask if the Viking is a kind of cat. Like ragdoll is a kind of cat.

    If the T and V were capitalised this could also be a question about a weird looking pet called "The Viking".


    I said, "is it a viking cat?" I know Finnish can be tough with cases, but would anyone know a good resource to find the difference between the two?


    I'm not an expert on grammatical terms and someone might give you a better answer, but in this sentence viikinki is the subject while kissa is the predicative expression, based on the word order. If you swap the two, "Onko kissa viikinki?" kissa becomes the subject and viikinki the predicative expression, and then the sentence would mean, "Is the cat a viking?" If you want to say, "Is it a viking cat?" you need to add the pronoun "se" in the sentence and use a compound word, viikinkikissa, "Onko se viikinkikissa?"


    I've tried to make sense of this frase and my interpretation is that maybe somebody has heard of vikings, but doesn't know what they are. And then that someone wonders if a viking is a cat. And he would get an answer - no, vikings are not a cats but ancient scandinavian sailors and merchants. I don't know...


    The answer...is yes. XD Just look at the pretty hemlet to match those claws. <3


    Google viking cat. Click images. Thank me later.


    Kiitos)) Suomen kurssi on söpö))


    Perrserker noises


    This makes this weird cute language even weirder!


    people theorizing and stuff, think it's just so you'll remember the words ;)


    Ok so, the sentence is very tricky... Who might think the viking is a cat?! I mean: i love skyrim, but here i misplaced the order of words. Got error again... So sad


    The most people can expect out of duolingo are incredibly stupid sentences like this one that DON'T help you learn in any way. Their playfulness is best kept for the playground. Such a sentence is completely useless when one tries to learn a new language with the limited resources that this app provides. Awaiting the salty downvotes, even though this is the truth.

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