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  5. "He is nice and handsome."

"He is nice and handsome."

Translation:Hän on mukava ja komea.

June 25, 2020



Is the komea/kaunis always parallel to English handsome/beautiful? They are used this way in this course, but is there some difference?


Is it possible to just say "On mukava ja komea" and drop Hän like it is with (Minä) olen and (Sinä) olet?


No... I don't think so. You will have the conflict because of "se"=it. Sentence doesn't give away that are you talking about he/she/they or about it. In minä olen word "olen" already tells that the subject is minä. Same way with sinä olet. But with third person pronouns hän and se you don't know which one from rest of the sentence. So it need to be said.

Basic word "olla"

minä olen = I am

sinä olet = you are

hän/se on = she/he/they/it is

me olemme = we are

te olette = you are

he/ne ovat = they are


What is the difference between Sinä and Te? Is one more formal?

Like Tú and Usted in Spanish?


It's very similar to tú/usted. Sinä is always singular while te can be either plural or a polite form for singular.


Short answer: No, you can not drop the pronoun in third person, singular or plural. In first and second person you can.

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