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  5. "I am a shy person."

"I am a shy person."

Translation:Olen ujo ihminen.

June 25, 2020



"person" is in Finnish "henkilö", so "minä olen ujo henkilö" should be accepted too.


"Henkilö" is a very formal word. It was made up in the mid 1800s to translate the Swedish word "person". Nowadays it is mostly used in some derivations and compound words. I doubt that anyone would use it in this sentence, although it is theoretically possible.


I personally would use henkilö in a sentence. (Finnish is my native language)


In this sentence, "henkilö" sounds a little odd, though.


Yeah, I'd personally never say "olen ujo henkilö". It would sound pretty much the same as if you'd say "I am a shy human being" in English in a casual conversation, i.e. slightly odd. It's just the other way around in Finnish. :)


Do you know if "henkilö" is ever taught in this course? (I'm only at the third checkpoint, but there might be some sentences I forgot about earlier in the course.)


I made it to the end and did not see henkilö.


henkilö is the type of word you can find in warning signs ("this lift can carry up to 4 henkilö") and government documents ("Only 40 000 henkilö paid type x tax"). It turns people into a unit no different from kilo or litra, so you should’t use it in "normal" sentences. :)


Why it doesn't accept "Minä olen ujo ihminen"? I'm confused when to use "Minä..., Sinä..."


I agree ... minä olen ...


I feel like in Finnish it's entirely unnecessary to use the word ihminen here. Why not just olla-verbi + adjective?


"Olen ujo" would translate "I am shy" so might be that this is practice about different sentences structure.

Both are used in speaking language.

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