"Je voudrais observer des dinosaures vivants."

Translation:I would like to watch living dinosaurs.

June 25, 2020

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I would like to observe living dinosaurs. Accepted :)


... to see ... Not accepted


to see = voir

to watch = regarder

to observe =observer

I suppose that "to watch" and "to observe' are synonyms


Is Duolingo sponsoring the next Jurassic Park film?


Not aimerais?


"I would like" can be translated as either "Je voudrais" or "J'aimerais"


I thought you used aimer rather than vouloir when you were unlikely to get what you wanted. Not much chance of seeing living dinosaurs.


Look into the sky. They're everywhere.


Just watch some politicians talking.


(They made a film about that. It didn't work out well.. again and again.


It's called "being a birdwatcher" in English. "ornithologue" is how Google translates it, which lines up well with "ornithology" - the study of birds.

Birds are as much dinosaurs as humans are mammals. Unfortunately, by the same logic ("cladistics" is the field), birds, dinosaurs, humans and mammals are all fish - because we have true bone, unlike sharks.


I would translate "birdwatcher" as observateur d'oiseaux or ornithologue amateur. Birds are descendants of dinosaurs, but I wouldn't call them dinosaurs per se.


I explicitly express birds as being dinosaurs to make a point to people I'm talking to - particularly the god-squaddies. The categories that you grew up with are subject to change, and what your parents told you was true can't be relied on to be true. You do not inhabit your comfort zone.

It's not intended to make me popular. But hey, that's life.


You're right, modern paleontologists indeed include birds in Theropoda. But what do you mean by 'god-squaddies'? And why that solemn tone and speaking of 'categories' and 'comfort zone'?


"God-squaddies" are a group of deranged people who fixate on the lies they were told by their parents about there being a god, this (parents point at one of a range of books) is gods word, and explains everything about how the universe works. Mentioning their religious behaviour in an inappropriate context (i.e. anywhere outside their religious group) is a dead give-away. Typically they're a millimetre away from launching into proselytisation at any time and will pick up any mention of any religious topic and try to delude other people into their cult. Evolution in particular and science in general is a common trigger point (because it attacks their delusions of being, in some way, special. IME, they're most frequently Xtian (but I have had years of internet attacks from Muslim groups too) ; invariably they profess adherence to one of the monotheist religions. After over 30 years of having them trying to ram their religion down my throat, I don't put up with a hint of it any more. Not a jot or a tattle. "Comfort zones" and "categories" are things that the typical god squaddy thinks are overwhelmingly important.


Oh, obviously there's also "ornithologist". Or "twitcher" in colloquial English.

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