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"Onko hiiri vaarallinen eläin?"

Translation:Is the mouse a dangerous animal?

June 25, 2020



"a mouse" needs to be added. There is no indication of this being some particular mouse. Reported.


Could "a mouse" be acceptable?


Should be. Please, report.


It is a very dangerous animal, so we must deal with it. ;)


Deal with it while it's small: change one vowel and it becomes a much bigger problem! :-)


Hey, have you ever been bitten by a mouse? I have. It's not fun. It nearly punctured the skin!


Why is THE mouse? Please correct this so that "Is mouse a dangerous animal" is accepted.


A countable noun has to come with an article, definite or indefinite. If we are talking about general species, like in this sentence, proper grammar requires the use of the definite article. The articles frequently get dropped in spoken language, but the developers of the course tend to stick to what grammar requires.


"Is mouse a dangerous animal" is simply not correct English. You might make a case for using "a" instead of "the" before "mouse", though it changes the meaning slightly. But you need one or the other.


Sana "se" puuttuu. Tai on "the" liikaa. Onko se hiiri vaarallinen eläin. This refers to one specific mouse "the mouse". Correct answer should be: Is a mouse a dangerous animal.


"The mouse" can refer to the whole species, so there's no need for "se" to my knowledge.


That would be mice in English, and hiiret in Finnish. Onko hiiri vaarallinen eläin = Is mouse a dangerous animal.


I was more pointing out the Grammar in Finnish. In Finnish that sentence refers to mice in general, not to "the mouse" just "mouse" or hiiri in general. In context of learning conversational language, changing the English answer to "Is mouse a dangerous animal" would more accurately reflect the translation from Finnish in both level of formality and intent. To have it translate to the current answer, it should start in Finnish as "onko se hiiri vaarallinen eläin".


"Is mouse a dangerous animal" is not correct in English.

"Is the mouse a dangerous animal" refers to mice in general, just as the Finnish sentence does. The link above explains this.

The word "the" does not only point to something already referred to, it can also serve to create a generalized reference to something, in this case the class of animals known by the name "mouse".

If you don't believe this, feel free to go see a David Attenborough documentary


Besides, "Onko se hiiri vaarallinen eläin" would be "Is that mouse a dangerous animal?".


Well, actually, in this case "Is the mouse a dangerous animal?", both meanings are possible - it's somewhat ambiguous in English. It can be asking about all mice in general, or it can be asking about one specific mouse that's already been mentioned. It's not easy to think of a context where that second usage would be needed, but it is possible.

At any rate, enttiuni is correct - "Is mouse a dangerous animal" is not correct English.

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