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"There is rice and fish in that sushi."

Translation:Tuossa sushissa on riisiä ja kalaa.

June 25, 2020



Why not 'tuolla'?


There are two sets of locative cases.

The interior cases are


  • ending -ssa/ssä
  • shows being inside a place: talossa : in (the interior of) a/the house, tuossa : in(side) that


  • ending -sta/stä
  • shows leaving an interior: talosta : from (the interior of) a/the house, tuosta : from that


  • ending repeat the ending vowel + n (there are exceptions)
  • shows movement into a place: taloon : into (the interior of) a/the house, tuohon : into that

The exterior cases are


  • ending -lla/llä
  • shows being at a place: talolla : at/by/near a/the house, tuolla : there


  • ending -lta/ltä
  • shows leaving a place: talolta : from (the exterior of) a/the house, tuolta : from there


  • ending -lle
  • shows arriving to the exterior of a place: talolle : to (the exterior of) a/the house, tuonne : to there

Now the rice and the fish are inside a sushi roll, so tuossa sushissa. If you remember that "I have" is expressed using the adessive expression minulla on : (lit.) by me and not by using minussa on because that would mean that the possession would be inside me.

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