"On va à la Poste à dix heures, on vous y emmène ?"

Translation:We're going to the post office at ten o'clock; should we bring you there?

June 25, 2020

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Normally in English, you don't "... bring them there.", rather, you, "... take them there." So, "... take there" and "... bring here" are common usage. Any other thoughts on this?


Yes. Duo’s sentence is wrong. There is much confusion on Duolingo between bring and take and I have noticed many posts on this subject. This is creating additional confusion on learning emmener and amener. You take from your position to another place (there). You bring from another place to your position (here). This changes if you are speaking to a person in a different location, probably on the telephone, when you might take the other person’s location as the reference point. Eg Shall we bring the dog when we come to see you. But, speaking to the family at your house it must be - Shall we take the dog?


Duo needs to clarify the difference bring/take ... we need more explanations please!


A lot of confusion by Duo in the use of emmener and amener and bring and take.

In this case the person speaking is not at the post office currently, so "bring" is incorrect. The French "emmener" tells us the speaker is offering to take the other person with them when they go to the location.


Inside my British head "should we bring you there" is an American way of speech. We Brits are more likely to say "shall we take you there". "Should we" feels more like an action that will have consequences if we don't do it, almost a kind of obligation. But if you like we can bring you some stamps when we return. Please fix this Duo. I know you are an American based company, and I love what you do, but please try to accommodate others who speak the Queen's English.


This one is not the Americans' fault, "Bring" would be incorrect for them too.


As a Brit I agree with both Geoff Cambell and Jenny Russel1 - says these comments were made a year ago. Duo don't you read the comments . . . . ??


No, Duo doesn't read the comments, they are just for learners.


In English it would read more like, "shall we give you a lift?"


Why is it La Poste here when other questions in this module say the post office is La Post? Which is right or in what context do i need to add the e ?


From where in hell's name do they get these translations

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