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  5. "Where is the Dane?"

"Where is the Dane?"

Translation:Missä tanskalainen on?

June 25, 2020



Finnish is flexible: "Missä on tanskalainen"? is also correct.

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There's an interesting little difference between the two... "Missä tanskalainen on" indicates that you already know which Danish person you're looking for, and "Missä on tanskalainen" means that you're trying to locate a place where you could find a Dane. So if you'd like to be really grammatically strict, the correct translation for "missä on tanskalainen" would be "where is a Dane" :)


Where is this stated? Grammatically, both should be equally correct.

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Here's a pretty good explanation of what happens when the word order changes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_grammar#Sentence_structure And as is stated on there: "Changing the word order changes the emphasis slightly but not the fundamental meaning of the sentence." So yes, both are grammatically correct, but there's a teeny tiny difference in how they can be used and perceived.


If this is a question, why isn't it onko?


I'm not Finnish, but from what I've gathered "onko" is used to ask a yes or no question. "Onko sinulla kissa?"--"Do you have a cat?". Answered with yes/no. "Onko lapsi suomalainen?"--"Is the child Finnish?". Answered with yes/no.

Missä means "where" and serves as the interrogative word in this sentence, so "onko" doesn't belong here.

Not sure if I got it right or not, but that's my understanding of it as of now.


That's exactly how it is! :)


The -ko suffix isn't used when another question word is already present, like 'missä', 'kuka', 'miksi', 'kuinka', 'mikä', etc.


I also have the same question

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