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"Why are you painting the car?"

Translation:Miksi sinä maalaat autoa?

June 25, 2020



The personal pronoun "sinä (you)" can be left out in this case, because the personal ending "-t" in the verb "maalaat" already implies that the subject is "you".

Thus "Miksi sinä maalaat autoa?" is interchangeable with "Miksi maalaat autoa?".


Ss far as I know you can always drop the pronoun if it's 1st and 2nd person like minä, me, sinä, te, but you can't drop the 3rd person pronouns so he


Exactly, as well as hän which is also not to be dropped


why is car in the partitive?


The car is the object of the sentence. The object is most often partitive like autoa, or accusative like auton.

Since the English verb is in the continuous aspect, "are painting" instead of the simple aspect "paints", the partitive object is needed. This is talked about some in the tips here.

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