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  5. "Are they washing the dog?"

"Are they washing the dog?"

Translation:Pesevätkö he koiraa?

June 25, 2020



"To wash" = "Pestä", "They wash" = "He pesevät", "Are they washing" = "Pesevätkö he"


Oh heavens, some of the wrong options in the "Mark the correct meaning" format are really, really funny. Someone in Duo's Finnish Team has a great sense of humor.


Is there a rule for when to use ko and when it is kö please? I can't figure it out. Also when there is an umlaut ä as in pesevät? Thanks!


I am not a native speaker but:

In Finnish there exists something called vowel harmony. Each word (except for some compound words or words from other languages) can be put in one of the following two categories: - Words with a, e, i, o, u - Words with ä, e, i, ö, y

Words that only contain e or i belong to the category with ä, e, i, ö, y.

When adding affixes you always have to add the one with the corresponding vowel harmony.

Beware that for some words like minä the stem is minu, which leads to the adessive form minulla and not minullä, even if minä per se would belong to the other category


Why is koira in partitive? Aren't they washing the whole dog? Or does pestä require partitiivi?


It's an ongoing action, so we don't know if the whole dog gets washed. So partitive is used.

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