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"Herra Pöllönen on aina rehellinen."

Translation:Mr. Pöllönen is always honest.

June 25, 2020



Meaning he's hella real.


Just for anyone wondering- If you write words with "ä" and "ö" as "a" and "o" it still counts, but there will be the typo thing that appear if there is a typo


Though the diacritics are extremely essential in finnish, you'll start to see why.


there is no way to leave the accents


"Trustworthy" should be an accepted synonym for honest. Reported.


Really annoying to be reminded about the accents when the accented letters aren't there on screen to be used.


You really need to add the characters like "ö" and "ä" to the "write in English" entry options on the desktop. We are not able to use the special characters in personal pronouns when answering these questions. Mobile version is OK because we can use alternate charachters on the phone.


ALT + 132 and ALT + 148.


Well that doesn't work on a Mac, but may well for those with windows. Easy to get the characters on a phone though by just holding down the letter till the alternates pop up. On the desktop I have just been copying and pasting as much as possible.


The keys for inserting the non-English characters are missing, so the app always reprimands you for not using them.

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