"Où sont celles que tu portais samedi soir ?"

Translation:Where are the ones you were wearing on Saturday night?

June 25, 2020

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Can you say "those that you were wearing.." instead of "the ones that..."? Thsnks for any help


Hi Mercedes. Yes, that's fine. A little more formal than 'the ones' and certainly better for written English. Cheers, Don


I wrote 'those' in a previous sentence and was rejected... I do agree those is 'easier (more natural) english' although in DUO'S defense it may not confer the emphasis as 'the ones that ' does.


Hi Don! Happy to hear of you, hope things are going fine in spite of the Covid and fires. Thanks for your help. Cheers! Mercedes


You are welcome. I know you won't mind if I make a little correction: Happy to hear FROM you. An example of correct use of 'hear of' might be: 'If I hear of any improvements to the current situation, I will be very happy indeed'. Thank you for your concern. Fires were bad in certain areas, but thankfully nowhere near us. Donna and I have managed to stay healthy, having made extraordinary efforts to stay isolated. We also have an 8pm to 5am curfew. Our infection rate has dropped dramatically in the last few days, but sadly we are losing many elderly people in aged care facilities every day. It looks like we are past the worst, but who knows. You only have to look at New Zealand who had over 100 days with zero new cases when the nasty virus struck again. We send you our best wishes and hope that you are also staying healthy! At least we have more time at the moment to spend on Duo...:-)


Thank you again! Not only I don't mind but I really love to be corrected! As for the infection, we are bearing a second black periode, now. The infection rate is rising again, with no time to recover. Apart from the deths, which is always the worst consequence, our country is getting poorer every day. We are fine but our children will have to face a hard long way before recovering. Lest hope they achive it Best wishes, Don and your family! Mercedes


It was certainly my first choice but was rejected, goodness knows why.


Thank you for suggesting “Where are those that you were wearing on Saturday night?” as a translation for “Où sont celles que tu portais samedi soir ?”. We now accept this translation! (16Mar22).


I wouldn't ever say “wearing Saturday night”, it would always be “wearing ON Saturday night”


Saturday evening is a perfectly correct translation of soir. It's certainly not wrong.


I listened to this multiple times, but I still can't tell if it says "celles" or "ceux".


"Where are those you were wearing on Saturday evening" was rejected, not sure whether it was the use of those, or evening, but suspect the former. I have reported it. Update - definitely 'those' that wasn't accepted, as I tried using those with night the second time and it was still rejected.


In English you would easily say, Where are the ones your were wearing Saturday night.


You have a typo - it should be you, not your


In one exercise, only "celle" is accepted, rejecting "celles". This one is the reverse. Come on Duo, be consistent here. "the one(s) you were wearing" could be singular or plural.


The verb 'sont' definitely clues in that the items were plural. "Those" probably should be accepted (it was rejected for me) but "the ones" (which ..sorry to contradict oncpasw2 ...is ok english) carries more emphasis and may be more often heard in this context.


Here we go again. Those or the ones is the same thing.


see posts re 'emphasis' conveyed by 'the ones'.


But it is a correct translation without emphasis!


why is "celle" wrong? Can't it be singular?


If the sentence starts with "ou ....sont... then the verb is plural third person so it must be celles.

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