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"Kuinka moni suomalainen lapsi osaa lukea?"

Translation:How many Finnish children can read?

June 25, 2020



I was confused by the use of moni and nominative singular for lapsi, and found the following from wiktionary:

In formal Finnish, moni is the plural marker and the following noun (if any) and verb are in the singular.

In informal Finnish the plural form "monet" is used and the modified noun and the following verb are plural.

moni lapsi syö puuroa aamiaiseksi (formal language style) many children eat porridge for breakfast = many a child eats porridge for breakfast monet lapset syövät puuroa aamiaiseksi (informal language style) many children eat porridge for breakfast


Kiitos, I expected nom. pl. or partitive sg. for 'lapsi'. So maybe 'many a Finnish child can read' would be a tighter translation.

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"Kuinka moni lapsi osaa" or "kuinka monet lapset osaavat".


It's the same as in older English. You could say 'Many a child eats porridge for breakfast' and it means exactly the same as 'many children eat porridge for breakfast'. You would sound very poetic, though :)


Shouldn't "kid/kids" be accepted as a synonym to "child/children"?


how many child can vs. how many children can. not sure if it makes sense though


"How many children can...?" is perfectly normal. "Many a child can..." is all right but odd. "How many child can...?" is wrong. In that sentence, you must use the plural. In this case, "children."


huh, is the "tips" section missing? there's a bunch of new stuff in these lessons but no introductions :D


Yeah since this is in beta theres no tips this far down. We're on our own now lol


well, it took me some time to check the web version to finally see that there even are tips anyway :D but now that i had the luxury for a handful of lessons it's kinda rough to do without. i guess patience is key here :D


There Are tips on the web version?? Oh my, i did all in the app so i had no tips at all. Olen nyt surullinen


By the way, I remember reading once that Finnish children have no problem learning to read—because the language is written so phonetically, unlike English, French and Danish.
However there is probably a learning curve going from spoken daily (or dialect) and formal/written Finnish.


Actually, kids hear quite a bit of formal Finnish throughout their childhood via written stories read out loud. Many might go through a phase of even speaking kinda formally. Personally I don't remember there being confusion caused by formal/spoken language. :)


Spelling bees that are so popular in the U.S. would not make sense in Finnish.


We really need lesson tips - they stopped at home 2

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    I miss them, they are nicely written and funny as well as being helpful


    Kuinka monta ja kuinka moni. Mikä eri on?

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    "How much" or "how many".


    Wrong. "How much" is "Kuinka paljon".


    I was actually looking for why Moni Afrikkalainen lapsi puhuu ranska is not lapset puhuvat, same question. Thanks


    "How many Finnish children know how to read" sounds way more natural than "How many Finnish children can read." The use of "can" here doesn't feel right without an object.


    The other option was 'tanssii', doesn't that work as well? (I didn't pick it though because it's spoken Finnish and I thought one would like to keep the sentence consistent lol)

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