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"Ci sono due ragioni per preferire questa macchina."

Translation:There are two reasons to prefer this car.

August 4, 2014



So I was marked wrong because I wrote "preferring" whereas "prefering" would have been correct. I checked several sites and "preferring" is how it's spelled. to quote Dictionary.com, "prefering - no dictionary results. Did you mean preferring."


You are right - in English 'preferring' is the correct spelling. In American English it might be different. I was also marked wrong for 'preferring'.


It's the same in American English.


Celebrate! preferring is now accepted (2014-10-29)


"There are two reasons to like this car better "was rejected. Like better is given as a tip. i reported it 11/3/2014


"there are two reason for preferring this car" marked incorrect. Reported 24feb2020


I wrote "there are two reasons for us to prefer..." . How can i tell that "ci" in this sentence means "there are" and not "us"?


lyssnerskan: Ci sono, like C'e' are stock phrases you'll encounter a lot, in other verb tenses as well: c'era/c'erano; ci sara' etc. It'll be easy to recognize once you've seen it a few times. As for why it's not "us" it's not a reflexive construction.


Doesn't macchina also mean 'machine'. and there's always macchina fotografia, a camera..


John, yes you're correct, but under normal circumstances without a clearer context it'd be assumed you're talking about a car, not a 'machine' as we use the term. In fact when I was growing up older italian relatives would refer to a car in English as a "machine" -- translating literally from the Italian, as in: We just bought a new machine. Studying Italian, it makes sense.


So i was marked wrong because i write machine

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