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  5. "Te ette puhu koreaa."

"Te ette puhu koreaa."

Translation:You do not speak Korean.

June 25, 2020



"Any" is there just to emphasise the partitive and it isn't actually needed. However, if you were to translate the "any" it could be "yhtään" as in "Puhutteko yhtään koreaa?", "Te ette puhu yhtään koreaa." You could also say "Te ette puhu sanaakaan koreaa" to mean the same thing, and that would translate to "not a word of Korea".


My Finnish is pretty bad, but i would say, te ette puhuu mitään koreaa. That may not be correct though.


I don't know the word "mitään" (I'm a beginner myself), but it has to be "puhu", not "puhuu".


I think duo should also accept, you don't speak Korean


I think they've got the message, now. They just accepted my "You do not speak Korean." (Jee!)

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