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  5. "Islanti on hiljainen maa."

"Islanti on hiljainen maa."

Translation:Iceland is a quiet country.

June 25, 2020



is it true? aren't volcanoes going off all the time there?


Yes, they are. Quietly.


Impressive that Iceland managed to keep its name pretty close considering Finnish isnät even Indo-European


Well not really. Except for a few neighbors like Sweden, Russia, and Estonia, most country names in Finnish are loan words and thus pretty close to their original.


I find the very notion of a quiet country a bit strange. I have been to California a few times and it is quit, except for the traffic, the crashing surf, the wind in the trees, the roaring fires, the rumbling earth quakes, and so on. except for that it is indeed quiet.


I have trouble hearing initial cosonents. I hear _ina and I have to think of the possble sonds, like sina, lina, mina Tina, catalina and Taormina.

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