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"Suomi ei ole Skandinaviassa, mutta Norja on."

Translation:Finland is not in Scandinavia, but Norway is.

June 25, 2020



Scandinavia is pronounced with a short a, not a long a.


I hear it not as either kind of Finnish a but as an English "long a", like Skandineiviassa (or maybe Skandinäiviassa).


I'm assuming vaan could also be used instead of mutta here?


No, I don't think so. It would work if you were saying "Suomi ei ole Skandinaviassa vaan Euroopassa."


I have a feeling that would only work if you changed the topic and focus of the sentence like:

Skandinaviassa ei ole Suomi vaan Norja. "What's in Scandinavia is not Finland but Norway." (For example, if there's a multiple choice question "Which one of these countries is in Scandinavia?" and someone has chosen Finland instead of the only right option, Norway.)


Is this true? I always thought Scandinavia was Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland (and possibly Iceland too)!


In English use it can be. But in local use it's just Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Nordic countries combines those with Finland and Iceland.

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