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  5. "Onko tuo saksaa?"

"Onko tuo saksaa?"

Translation:Is that German?

June 25, 2020



Why " Saksa" is wrong ?


You need the partitive case. The thing isn't all German, so you would use the partitive case. I hope this made sense.


But in this case there's no context to limit the topic within the language, so couldn't 'Is this Germany?' be also correct?


Because both options are in lower case.


'Is that Germany?' would be 'onko tuo Saksa?', without the last 'a'. And yes, in Finnish, names of countries start with a capital letter but names of languages with a lower case letter.


Do country names not have partitive? Or why should there be no extra -a at the end if the country was asked for? Also I don't understand the explanation that "The thing isn't all German"... when we explicitly ask if it is this precise language (only one exact language).


It might be clearer if we thought of it as "is that in German." It's in/a part of the German language, hence the partitive.


It is quite impossible to deduce from the context which one is correct. Both answers are acceptable. But Duolingo has a nasty habit of forcing people to pay attention to whether or not the word is capitalized. That comes across to me as linguistic sophistry


It's the same in my mother tongue (Swedish) so it's nothing strange for me. It's not sophistry. Students of Finnish and Swedish just need to learn that language names start with a lowercase letter and country names with a capital.


Onko tuo Salsa ,?

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