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  5. "Tämä kakku on tosi pehmeää."

"Tämä kakku on tosi pehmeää."

Translation:This cake is really soft.

June 25, 2020



Is "pehmeä" also allowed here or only "pehmeää"?

Am I correct that the addessive "pehmeää" indicates that this means cake as an uncountable thing rather "a cake"? And if "pehmeä" was used instead, would it be referring to a singular cake instead of uncountable cake?


You can say "Tämä kakku on tosi pehmeä" and then it would indeed mean that the whole cake is soft, but more in the sense that the whole cake is soft on the outside. Like if you were to lay your head on the cake and say "oh, this cake feels so soft".

The adessive of "pehmeä" would be "pehmeällä". "Pehmeää" is the partitive of "pehmeä". "Tämä kakku", being in nominative case, refers to the whole cake even with the adjective in partitive, but as the "tosi pehmeää", the predicative of the sentence, is in partitive, it indicates that the whole, entire cake is soft on the the inside.

It's a bit difficult to explain the distinction. :D Anyone else?


Why 'tosi' here rather than the previously-taught 'todella'?


Tosi and todella are pretty much interchangeable, although I'd say "tosi" has a more informal tone to it than "todella", "tosi" is way more common in everyday speech.


Both should be accepted. They're interchangeable here.

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