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"Mitä haluatte juoda? Kahvia vai glögiä?"

Translation:What do you want to drink? Coffee or glögi?

June 25, 2020



All through my saved vocab so far Mikä has been the word meaning 'What' ... why the change to Mitä?


Mitä is the question word for What used when you expect the answer to be in the partitive. It gives the question a different context than when using Mikä


I have the same question, what is the difference between those words?


I saw a good answer to this on another forum page ... wish I'd made a note of it! From memory, it's to do with the partitive case (I must admit I'd never heard the word 'partitive' before starting this course ... this is all brand new!)


It's all explained well here: https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-vocabulary/interesting-words/the-difference-between-mika-and-mita-question-words Generally, you use mikä when the subject is well defined and concrete. You use mitä when it's more abstract or uncountable, that's also when you use the partitive form. As I learned, you always use mitä with another verb than olla. E.g. Mitä sinä teet. But, Mikä tämä on?


I have a question about glögi. I sell it thousands of liters every year and I've always thought that it's called mulled wine. Is there a difference?


Same question. I am not a fan of the drink, but I always thought glögi & mulled wine are the same thing. But since it does not accept it as correct then is glögi a specific mulled wine? Or should it be accepted as correct (even if it's not the specific word learn in this lesson... which they always seem to prefer).


Is there a linguistic reason "what would you like to drink" is incorrect? or is this something that should be flagged?


The Finnish equivalent of the word "would" is conditional mood, which is indicated by the -isi- infix. "What would you like to drink?" translates to "mitä (sinä/te) haluaisit/haluaisitte juoda?".


isn't 'te' missing in this sentence? ... "Mitä haluatte juoda? Kahvia vai glögiä?"


"te" as a separate pronoun is not necessary in Finnish, because "- te" as the ending of the verb already makes it clear, that the verb is in second person plural.


Can't it be used as emphasis? "What do YOU want to drink?" (if asking a several people for their drinks order).

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