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  5. "Do you have any more cake?"

"Do you have any more cake?"

Translation:Onko sinulla lisää kakkua?

June 25, 2020



Im not sure how i feel about this... I would translate as Do you have more (lisää) cake?

Do you have any cake = onko sinulla yhtään kakkua??


That's right. "Any more cake" is like saying "enempää/ yhtään enempää kakkua".

I was wondering if the "any" might be here as a similar hint to the partitive like "some" in many other sentences. In this case though, it's actually changing the meaning.


Should "jotain lisää" be accepted too or am I mistaking?


I said "onko teillä vielä kakkua", it marked it as wrong, can someone please translate my phrase so the hilarity prevents me from making this mistake again?


I said the same thing, and I reported it as should be correct, because in English, the questions:

"Do you have any more cake?" and "Do you have any cake left?"

Are closer in meaning to each other than to the question:

"Do you have more cake?" (without "any")

"Any more" means "any left," or "any remaining."

"More" by itself, as opposed to "any more," means more, beyond what was available to start with. Like, this cake is finished, but do you have another one hidden somewhere?


It's "Do you still have cake?"

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