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  5. "Onko unkari suuri kieli?"

"Onko unkari suuri kieli?"

Translation:Is Hungarian a large language?

June 25, 2020



This is not a meaningful sentence in English


What exactly constitutes a big or small language? Number of speakers? Number of words? Font size?

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I would understand it as a small or large number of speakers.


"Is Hungarian a large language?" is incorrect English in any case.


How would you say it instead?


"Are there a large number of Hungarian speakers?"

Even that sounds awkward to my British ears - I'd personally say something like "do a lot of people speak Hungarian?". If my question was about how many people spoke it outside of Hungary, I'd say "is Hungarian a widely-spoken language?".


I would say: Is English a widely used language?


I doubt this sentence would be said in Finnish either. I guess they mean how many people speak Hungarian?


"Suuri kieli" and "pieni kieli" are both used in Finnish.


This is terrible English


Well good thing it's a Finnish course. Languages with few shared root words cannot always translate into something grammatically correct.


"Suuri" could also be translated as "great", meaning something big in stature. Which could be what they tried to convey here, but using the word "great" is not accepted.

In Finnish this sentence is ambiguous in meaning, although I suppose grammatically not as bad as the English "large language".


I agree, sorry. I love this program, don't get me wrong. But this is not proper English - coming from a teacher. You can use, complicated language, difficult or easy language but languages are not large or small.


The sentence does makes sense in other languages than English. You could (and should) express it other ways in English, but then the "translation" wouldn't make sense. At least not from a learner's perspective, with only basic grasp of the Finnish grammar and vocabulary so far.


Personally, I would remove this as an example and perhaps create a new one like "Is Hungarian a difficult language?" or "Is Hungarian an easy language?"


Yeah, but this also does give us the opportunity to think "Huh?" and come into the forum and then learn that this sentence is perfectly possible in Finnish.


"big" language would make a little bit more sense than large


I really feel somewhat stupid, but I think I still haven't understood what the exact meaning of "suuri kieli" is. Does it mean "widely-spoken" or "which possesses a large number of words"? Or anything else maybe? And what about "pieni kieli"? Could a native speaker explain this, please? Thank you so much!


By the way, can someone explain the difference in usage between "iso" and "suuri"? In the sentences I found "iso koira" and "suuri televisio", "suuri talo", "suuri piha". Would it be correct to say "iso televisio", "iso talo", "iso piha"? And... "suuri koira"? Thanks!!


Can you explain the difference in usage between BIG and LARGE? A big dog or a large dog. A big yard or a large yard. Maybe it's the same. Confusing for sure.

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