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"Tämä lintu sanoo huhuu ja tuo lintu sanoo titityy."

Translation:This bird says hoot and that bird says tititee.

June 25, 2020



okay duo i love you but i don't even know what these sounds are in english, why this many sentences with different bird sounds xD


This huhuu and titityy translations are silly and useless xD


"twit twoo" for huhuu, maybe? or "it hoots" rather than "it says hoot"

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In these Finnish lessons there are too many Finnish and English words, that are not taught anywhere, they are different in English English and American English or don't exist in dictionaries, such as the sounds of animals or Finnish interjections like"hyi", "yök", "hui" etc. In other lessions of Duolingo I haven't noticed the use of these small words so much.

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