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"Those owls are trying to kick the toy."

Translation:Nuo pöllöt yrittävät potkaista lelua.

June 25, 2020



What's wrong with Finnish animals?


Must be the water.


Haha, I thought the same!


First those hedghogs, now the owls... it is only a matter of time before the fish get frisky too


Potkia works just as well here. Reported.


So potkia is a verb expressing repeating and temporally indefinite action, and potkaista is a momentane verb expressing a single action. Would it make more sense that so long as the owls are still in the stage of trying to kick the toy, the immediate goal is to kick it once, therefore requiring the momentane verb? Whatever the owls' ultimate goal is, should we use the momentane verb before we can consider whether they can get to the repetitive action?


Hey, Both verbs are fine. The original setting of the sentence does not specify which is the owls' goal.


Why potkaista and not potkaisevat?


Because you don't conjugate several verbs in a phrase, just one (in this case yrittävät). In English you don't say He tries kicks...


Why is it lelua, not lelu?


Because it is the object of the phrase. The object is never in nominative (= the basic form), except in some passive phrases.


Why is it "nuo pöllöt", not "nuot"?


Because "nuo" means "those". It can be thought of as the plural form of "tuo"; "that". Plurality is not always indicated with t, especially in personal pronouns it's different. So, word "nuot" does not exist.


I wish the hints given would be acceptable answers. I typed in yrittavatko because I couldn’t think of the word at all. The correct word was yrittavat. I understand now but giving an incorrect answer as an option is confusing


why so rediculous sentence? it is nonsense. where are some really helpful phrases for beginners and everyday usage.

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