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  5. "Koirat sanovat hau hau."

"Koirat sanovat hau hau."

Translation:Dogs say woof woof.

June 25, 2020



Surely "bow wow" should be accepted? It sounds even closer to the Finnish! Reported 18.03.21.


If my dog said "bow wow" I would take it to the vet.


If any of the animals here said what's ascribed to them, they are in need of medical attention. Including the humans. :)


English seems to have a lot of words for dog's noises, "woof, bark, bow-wow, arf, etc." These onomatopoeia lessons should allow more variations in their translation.


The dogs say woof should be accepted ! Reported !


I know it marked me off for "arf arf"


"Arf arf" is a wry / knowing human laugh said/written for comic effect where I come from.


I don't think it's even possible to spell an onomatopoetic word wrong. "Bow wow", "woof woof", "arf arf", etc. need to all be accepted. I'm not learning Finnish when Duolingo tells me that "bow wow" is not an acceptable way to say "woof woof".

Here's a thought: Maybe it's best not to use such words at all in a language course, since spelling, usage, etc. are all so variable even within a single language, let alone across several.


It's "hear, hear" ... in case you were interested. It's short for "hear him, hear him" or "hear her, hear her".


Yeah, I know. I'm British. Just typed without thinking. A dangerous thing to do on these boards :)


How do they say bark in Finnish? Any good dictionary in Finnish ? Kiitos !

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