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"Nuo ponit potkaisevat opettajaa."

Translation:Those ponies kick the teacher.

June 25, 2020



“Those ponies are kicking the teacher” - should also be accepted!


That would be "nuo ponit potkivat opettajaa".

"potkaista" - kick once

"potkia" - kick multiple times


In what sort of situation would you say "Nuo ponit potkaisevat opettajaa" in Finnish?

In English, if you looked at a group of ponies kicking a teacher, you would say "Those ponies are kicking the teacher," not "Those ponies kick the teacher." -- even if it was a single kick from each pony and not multiple kicks.

If, instead, the group of ponies have a habit of kicking the teacher whenever they have the opportunity, then you would say "Those ponies kick the teacher."


If the action is not continuous, i.e. it happens only once, even if it's happening right now, it'd be "nuo ponit potkaisevat opettajaa". If the ponies are habitual kickers or they kick the teacher more than once, then it's "nuo ponit potkivat opettajaa".


Then it sounds like the expected translation for this sentence is wrong.

"Nuo ponit potkaisevat opettajaa" -- a single event happening right now -- should be "Those ponies are kicking the teacher."

"Those ponies kick the teacher" describes habitual kickers in English.


Yes, absolutely.


Those ponies are kicking the teacher should also be accepted.


I, too, think "are kicking" should be acceptable


it seems like this part of the course isn't worked on as much, some of my mistakes aren't being detected. f.e. the missing second a in opettajaa in my answer in this one. (kinda proud that i detected my own mistake though :D )

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