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  5. "Nauran usein."

"Nauran usein."

Translation:I laugh often.

June 25, 2020



Another never given to me word


My personal random train of thoughts (about what kind of people might really laugh often):

  • a happy child (an honest laughter)

  • a performing clown (a fake and forced laughter)

  • Joker from 'Batman' movies (a creepy smile, a maniacal laughter)

  • a group of loudly socialising and partying extroverts in their most "extra" element (can't relate...)

  • The Laughing Buddha (the Chinese and generally budhist symbol of physical health and abundance as well as spiritual joy and contentment)

  • The Laughing Man in the Japanese legendary "Ghost in the Shell" anime series, and its accompanying movies (it's a mysterious character, hiding behind a silly icon of a smiling face, which then provides a clue to finding out the bitter truth of a hidden reality; it's a symbol of moral rebellion and political provocation).

  • Sting's iconic "Englishman in New York" song. Especially that fragment: "If 'manners maketh man' as someone said/ He's the hero of the day/ It takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile/ Be yourself no matter what they say"- (something to keep in mind, in all those situations when other people are laughing AT us, rather than smiling TO us...)

  • Michael Jackson's song "Smile" (it's so beautifully happy-sad, calming, soothing, and always makes me feel nostalgic)...

  • Bobby McFerrin's famous "Don't worry be happy" song (that one never fails to make ME smile, it's just timeless and absolutely adorable).

And then I typed 'smile effects' on Google, to read a dozen (or so) different scientific research results and other "fun facts" about smiling and laughing in general. Oh dear, that was some DEEP rabbit hole! I mean it's fascinating!

Here's an example: https://www.verywellmind.com/top-reasons-to-smile-every-day-2223755

... And finally, bringing it all back to learning Finnish on Duolingo: to my Polish ears, Finnish language sounds like a group of wild, carefree, happy, LAUGHING dancing dolphins, performing a neverending Sea Song, while swimming, diving, splashing, whistling and somersaulting in the air, out of sheer joy of life, in an endless celebration of freedom!

The large number of vowels in Finnish, and the unique harmony between them makes the language not only breathtakingly beautiful, rhytmical and melodious, but it also gives Finnish this distinctive "watery" or perhaps "rainy" quality, which I find exceptionally pleasant while listening. And even visually, all those cute little dots over the vowels look like little droplets of water to me...

Besides, personally I strongly suspect that dolphins have AT LEAST as many grammar cases in their own language as Finns have in theirs ;) Their intelligence is beyond amazing, they can understand and perform complicated orders while interacting with humans or with each other, they cooperate in very precise ways while hunting in a group, and I've even read that they're never fully asleep, because while one of their brain hemispheres is resting, the other one is still active(!) And their brain capacity is astonishing: "Dolphins and whales speak in accents. They have “hit” songs. They have names for each other and they might gossip." - as this article reveals:


I wish we, humans, could learn the languages of dolphins and whales too, someday... But this unique, melodious, harmonious, splish-splashy, singsongy, gentle, joyful, giggling, "watery", and dolphin-like quality of Finnish is one of the MANY reasons why I love this language so much, and why I REALLY want to learn it! :)

/And yes, I know that both dolphins and Finns might have their darker side too (then again, who doesn't?), but that's a whole different story.../

Anyway, the above sentence "Nauran usein" is true for me here: I do smile and laugh often while learning Finnish ;)

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