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Lingots, Double or Nothing

Everybody! I turn off the "Double or Nothing" in my Lingot :-( I lost a lots of Lingots points, please let me know if you help me if I can turn it on again :-)

Best, Marya

August 4, 2014



Hi MaryaHosse,

Double or Nothing is a 5-lingot bet for 10 lingots available in the Store (if it turns gray, it's activated). You can get 10 lingots if you can keep your streak for 7 days (a week). If you can keep it for that week the button is gray, you win 10 lingots and you can buy it again :)

Hope it helps! :)


First of all thank you for your description, but you mean i have to get 10 Lingots and buy it again? I cannot bring or active that without any losing Lingots?


You can buy Double or Nothing for the same exact price (5 lingots).

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