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" Asutko sinä Ruotsissa? Asun."

Translation:– Do you live in Sweden? – Yes, I do.

June 25, 2020


[deactivated user]

    "Are you living in Sweden?" could also be a correct question?


    Is the "yes" in Asun given? Could I say "I do" and it would be right?


    I think just using either "yes" or "I do" would be a perfectly acceptable answer.

    If it were "(no) I don't", that'd be "en asu"

    "Asutko...?" "Asun/En asu."

    "Asunko...?" "Asut/Et asu."

    "Asuuko hän...?" "Asuu/Ei asu."

    "Asummeko...?" "Asutte/Ette asu."

    "Asutteko...?" "Asumme/Emme asu."

    "Asuvatko he...?" "Asuvat/Eivät asu."


    I live should also be accepted as Asun actually means that.


    En. Mutta asuin Ruotsissa...


    Is that past tense?


    Yes. :)

    Asun - asuin

    Asut - asuit

    Asuu - asui

    Asumme - asuimme

    Asutte - asuitte

    Asuvat - asuivat

    So, basically, the "i" slips inbetwen the root and the person suffix. Asu-i-n.

    However, it doesn't always (often) quite work like that and there might be other sound changes etc.

    olen - olin, menen - menin, pesen - pesin, nousen - nousin, siivoan - siivosin, haluan - halusin, syön - söin...


    Do Finnish people actually say "Asun" or is it more common to just say "Joo"?

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